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You can reach us at contact@indiex.online for additional questions or general inquiries. We advise everyone to read the answers on the right before submitting an application or sending us a question.


What is Indie X 2023?

Indie X is Portugal’s biggest indie game showcase featuring both national and international indie games.


This year, we are joining forces with the biggest B2B event in Eastern Europe, and one of the biggest video games B2B events in the world: DevGAMM. The 2023 edition will mark the return to live events, focusing on B2B meet-ups, in-person showcases, workshops, live-streamed showcases, and industry-related talks. Both DevGAMM and Indie X will take place at The Oitavos Luxury Five-Star Hotel on November 16 and 17th of 2023.


This event targets both professional and public audiences and will include:

  • A presential showcase with dozens of Portuguese and international games from across the globe;

  • A live-streamed showcase for Indie games hosted by RTP Arena, the Twitch channel of Portugal’s public TV network;

  • A panel of renowned speakers by DevGAMM;

  • A Steam Event and Sale with present and past finalists;

Our partnership with DevGAMM will be making the event even bigger and more complete. B2B sessions will be hosted by our DevGAMM partners.

Additionally, we will remain commited to holding a digital edition and partnering with Valve again to hold another Steam Event + Sale.


Our mission stays the same tho – made by indies for indies, Indie X is a games event which aims to promote the best games that Portugal’s rising game dev industry has to offer, as well as a selection of international indies who tag along for an awesome showcase with tons of networking and experience sharing!

How do I apply?

That’s the easy part. All you need to do is fill in the form application in our Submissions Page and submit it for review. You will get a confirmation email once we have received your application.

Note: Submissions for 2023 are now closed! You can still apply your game for DevGAMM by filling out this form. You will need to purchase a ticket if accepted.

NOTE: As of September 10st 2023, submissions will be closed for Indie X 2023. Thank you for participating and good luck!

What is the deadline for 2023 game submissions?

The deadline is September 10th, 2023. Lisbon time (GMT).

What happens if I'm selected as a finalist?

Each selected Finalist game will be:

  • Granted a free booth in the Lisbon event (if any special equipment is necessary please contact us).

  • Showcased in a live stream featured on the Portuguese national TV RTP Twitch Channel. The streaming session has an Indie X host who will play the game and hold a live interview with a member of your team.

  • Eligible for one of our Awards – Best of the Show, Best Portuguese Game (In Partnership with APVP), Best Art Direction, Most Innovative Game, Best Multiplayer, Press Choice and People’s Choice Awards.

  • Featured in our Steam Event and Sale for this year’s selection and on the following 2 years as a “legacy” feature.

  • Granted access to our B2B platform (check conditions with our partner DevGamm) and be able to hold exclusive meetings with Publishers and Investors.

If you are attending the event, you will additionally get one free Indie Dev ticket to DevGamm(evaluated at $150) per selected game. It’s highly advised that all games are represented by some team element in the Lisbon Showcase though not mandatory. Additional tickets must be purchased from DevGAMM.

Note: If you are attending the event, please bring the hardware you’ll need to run your build. Contact us at contact@indiex.online if you have any doubts.

Can I showcase my game even if I'm not selected as a Finalist?

All Indie X Finalists will get a free booth at the Indie X showcase.

However, DevGAMM lets you apply for a chance to show your game in a designated booth regardless of your selection as a Finalist for the Indie X competition.

To apply for this, you need to buy a DevGAMM ticket and fill out this DevGAMM Submission form

Note: By default, each team showcases at one of the conference days.

Can I submit a game for any platform?

Yes. We don’t have many limitations at this moment on platforms, except for VR games.
Other than VR, you can submit games for any platform, current generation ones are highly prefered by our jury: PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Although we can stream in all those platforms, a PC version is always preferable.

Can I submit more than one game?

Yes, but each dev studio can only submit a maximum of 2 entries. If both games get selected, they can be showcased on Indie X on the same presentation schedule that will be defined before the event. If the two games are selected, you will also have two time slots on the streaming sessions.
Note: This is a rule for Developers and not Publishers. Publishers can submit as many entries from their partner studios as they like, provided that they conform to the 2 games per dev studio rule.

Which games are eligible for the exhibition?

All games are eligible if they are yet unreleased or have less than 12 months since its release date, which means that all games released after November 2022 are valid submissions to Indie X 2023.


You can submit a game that is on early access/in development and currently playable, by sending the corresponding set of keys or links to access the game. Our jury will not buy the games submitted for evaluation for Indie X. For evaluation and judging purposes we are requiring 15 keys or a playable build. All non-used keys will be returned at the end of the event.


Mobile games can be submitted, although it is mandatory that the final builds be playable on a PC, due to streaming reasons. Nevertheless, you can submit mobile builds to be evaluated as a submission if you prepare it accordingly in platforms like Testflight.

How many games will be selected for Indie X?

We are looking up to an average of 50 games for the final event.


However we are focusing on showing the best applicants, so that number of finalists for the showcase may vary depending on how many we can handle and, above all, the quality of the submitted games.


If justified some honorable mentions can be added as per the choice of the event organization.

How much will it cost to be showcased if I'm selected?

In short – nothing.


If your game is selected as a Finalist, you don’t have to pay anything to have it showcased at the digital event. The mission of Indie X is to support the indie game market and to have the best selection of indie games accessible to the thousands of visitors that usually come to Lisbon during the event and, now that we have gone digital, to all the world.

Additionally, you will get one free Indie Dev ticket to DevGAMM (evaluated at $150) per selected game. It’s highly advised that all games are represented by some team element in the Lisbon Showcase though not mandatory. Additional tickets must be purchased from DevGAMM.

How can I prove my intention to attend the event?

On your submission form, you will be asked if you plan to attend the streaming session. If you say yes, the organization might contact you before the results are public to let you know that your game will be selected as a Finalist and iron out the details of your participation with you.


In regards to attending the physical event, you can also confirm your intention during submission, but in case of selection, further proof of travel to Lisbon and/or signing a responsibility agreement will be necessary.

What is done with my submitted data?

Indie X will use your data across its multiple channels in order to select and promote your project as a Finalist. Additionally, we may share your submitted info with our jury peers and other partners in order to carry out the event in the best way possible and taking your best interests in consideration. We will keep your information after the event in our past editions database and keep your contact for future use regarding the event and possible other incarnations of it.

By submitting your game, you agree that Indie X will use your submitted info, including contact details in any way that it sees fit to organize the event in its multiple facets including but not limited to event management, promotion, scheduling, database creation and sharing it with our partners. As a result you may receive communications from our business partners, have your game featured in one of our Steam Sales or on our videos/social media posts promoting the event.

Will there be accolades and awards associated with Indie X?

Yes. These will be given out at the Indie X 2023 Award Ceremony where we present the very best Finalists with several awards in different categories. Monetary awards are usually announced at the ceremony and are dependent on the level of sponsorship gathered.


Additionally, everyone always gets an official badge and accolades to display on marketing endeavours.

Can I have a streaming session at Indie X without having to submit my games to the jury?

Yes. Several studios did so in the first two years, like Square Enix Collective, Wargaming Labs, Image & Form Games and Zoink Games. Please reach us to learn the costs of having any number of games exhibited outside our jury selection. Games exhibited this way won’t subtract the slots of our Finalists, they will be added to that number. Contact us directly and tell us your needs at business@indiex.online.